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Carpet Cleaning Services To Tackle Carpet Stains


Carpets are bound to get stained every day. Whether you are consciously taking precautions to protect your office carpet, in an instance any mishap can occur. This happens most of the times, when we are being extra careful. And when it happens, we frantically reach out to the nearest dusting cloth available to remove the stain from the carpet, right?

Well, don’t reach out to that dirty cloth to clean your carpet. Rather hold on and take a moment before you choose to clean the stain. There are plenty of ways to remove carpet stains, but the best method is to hire professionals offering for Carpet Cleaning services in Johannesburg.

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Here are the top five carpet stains you may come across in your office.

Blood stains

If someone gets injured in the office, there are high chances that your office carpet get stained with their blood. Therefore to clean up blood stains from the carpet, you should:

·         Use cold water instead of reaching out to hot water. This is important as blood coagulates with heat while cold water prevents the blood from penetrating into the fiber of the carpet.

·         Next you should fill a spritzer bottle with approximately 2 tsp of grease fighting detergent and cold water. Spray this mixture on the stain. Make sure the entire spot is soaked in the solution.

·         Once the strain is soaked, use a paper towel to blot the spot. Rinse the spot with cold water. However, it should be remembered that removing a blood stain requires persistence or you can take help of Carpet Cleaners Johannesburg.

Coffee stain

Who doesn’t love coffee? It is a fuel which keeps your employees going on throughout the day. And if they drink coffee, they can sometimes spill it also. If there is coffee spilled on the carpet, make sure:

·         To use a dry towel to blot the spot until it is completely dry. Also make sure you do not spread the stain even more as carpets are bound to become saturated with coffee.

·         Next use a mixture of vinegar, gentle non bleach detergent and water. Use the spritzer method and rinse the carpet. The stain will be removed.

Ink stain

Ink is something whose stain can spoil the carpet. When there is an ink stain:

·         Be careful to not scrub or rub the stain. Use a damp clean cloth, spray it with isopropyl alcohol and dab the area with the wet cloth. Let the mixture stand on the stain for a few minutes before you remove it. Next use a liquid friendly vacuum to remove excess moisture from the carpet.

·         When it comes to carpet cleaning for offices, you can treat the ink stain with nail polish remover, hairspray and white wine or vinegar.

·         When using these chemicals, make sure to rinse the carpet with water, blot the space and vacuum the carpet dry or call for professional carpet cleaning services.

Kool-Aid Stain

If there are kool-aid stain on the carpet, start by gently blotting the stain with a dry towel.

·         Make sure you don’t rub the stain as it will become difficult to remove it. If kool-aid stain is rubbed, it can even lead to saturation of the carpet.

·         Therefore when it is about carpet cleaning for offices, use a mixture of white vinegar, water and dish soap. Spray the area generously and let the carpet soak in the solution for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

·         Finally clean the carpet with a clean dry towel.

Pet stain

If you allow your employees to bring their pet along, it will be obvious that they will pee wherever they want. So if there are pet stains on the carpet, start by:

·         Cleaning the initial mess. Wear gloves and pick it up and dispose off. If the stain is wet, use the blot method to soak up the moisture off the carpet without rubbing it in.

·         Alternatively when the carpet stain has already dried, the best way to treat it is to moisten it. After spraying the stain with water, apply the carpet stain cleaning product or hire professional experts offering carpet cleaning for offices.

·         Further to neutralize the odor, you may need to try different tactics. Try using white vinegar to perform this action. Simply mix ¼ cup of vinegar with warm water and spray it on the stain. Leave the solution to soak for several minutes before you work on the blot technique.

These were the most common stains you will ever come across in your office. If you find the task to clean the carpet difficult, make sure to get in touch with knowledgeable and experienced cleaners offering carpet cleaning services for offices or Call us today 0110749983.


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